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Japan escort, erotic massage and soapland(brothel) guides

Welcome to Japanese Erotic Massage, Escort and Brothel(Soapland) guide – The most comprehensive adult & sex entertainments directory in  Japan.


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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage Tokyo-Ginza Relaxation Massage Tokyo-Shibuya
Relaxation Massage Tokyo-Ikebukuro Relaxation Massage Tokyo-Shinjuku
Relaxation Massage Tokyo-Roppongi Relation Massage Yokohama
Relaxation Massage Osaka-Umeda Relaxation Massage Osaka-Shinsaibashi
Relaxation Massage Kyoto Relaxation Massage Sapporo

Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage Tokyo-Ginza Erotic Massage Tokyo-Shibuya
Erotic Massage Tokyo-Ikebukuro Erotic Massage Tokyo-Shinjuku
Erotic Massage Tokyo-Roppongi Erotic Massage Yokohama
Erotic Massage Osaka-Umeda Erotic Massage Osaka-Shinsaibashi
Erotic Massage Kyoto Erotic Massage Sapporo

GFE(Girlfriend Experience Dating) Escort

GFE dating escort Tokyo-Ginza GFE dating escort Tokyo-Shibuya
GFE dating escort Tokyo-Ikebukuro GFE dating escort Tokyo-Shinjuku
GFE dating escort Tokyo-Roppongi GFE dating escort Yokohama
GFE dating escort Osaka-Umeda GFE dating escort Osaka-Shinsaibashi
GFE dating escort Kyoto GFE dating escort Sapporo

High Class Models & Elite VIP Escorts

High Class VIP Escort Tokyo-Ginza High Class VIP Escort Tokyo-Shibuya
High Class VIP Escort Tokyo-Ikebukuro High Class VIP Escort Tokyo-Shinjuku
High Class VIP Escort Tokyo-Roppongi High Class VIP Escort Yokohama
High Class VIP Escort Osaka-Umeda High Class VIP Escort Osaka-Shinsaibashi
High Class VIP Escort Kyoto High Class VIP Escort Sapporo

Japanese Very Exotic & Unique Escorts

Exotic and Unique Escort Tokyo-Ginza Exotic and Unique Escort Tokyo-Shibuya
Exotic and Unique Escort Tokyo-Ikebukuro Exotic and Unique Escort Tokyo-Shinjuku
Exotic and Unique Escort Tokyo-Roppongi Exotic and Unique Escort Yokohama
Exotic and Unique Escort Osaka-Umeda Exotic and Unique Escort Osaka-Shinsaibashi
Exotic and Unique Escort Kyoto Exotic and Unique Escort Sapporo


Soapland Tokyo Soapland Kyoto

Tokyo Soapland Guide


High class erotic massage

High class erotic massage Tokyo High class erotic massage Osaka



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Erotic Massage

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GFE (Girlfriend Experience) Escort

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High class erotic massage

High class erotic massage

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Erotic massage

An experienced beautiful and sexy Japanese masseuse will ease out the stresses or tension in your body, giving you true relaxation and you will feel aroused, excitement and beautiful tantric experience with the sensual and tactile touch on your body.

You will find pure pleasure and relaxation moment in which will reduce anxiety and stress with highly proven techniques of Japanese masseuses. This will leave feeling uplifted and sensualised

and will remove physical tension of your muscular, allow your worries to let go and bring your mind to a healthy and desirable states.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is the massage that stimulates the mans prostate that can enhance sexual simulation and make more exciting and explosive on the sensitive area.

Body oil massage

By using essential oils, body oil massage gives relaxing and enjoyment through gentle and restorative techniques


GFE (Dating Experience) Escort

Have you ever felt loneliness or bored by staying at hotel or living in a foreign country ? Sure going to a restaurant or bar alone, or chatting friends could be fun once in a while, but let’s face it most of the time you have much better things to do when you are in a foreign country alone.

Your time off is very precious and wasting most of it just to dine at the restaurant or staying at the hotel room alone is a shame. In fact eating alone at the hotel restaurant or staying at the hotel room all the time give the most lonely moment for a business traveler.

Let’s go out and have a fun date by sharing a pleasant and romantic moment with a beautiful and elegant Japanese lady. Your night life could be much more enjoyable and exciting with a beautiful date.

You could use free translation apps at Iphone to communicate with in case you have any communication problems with a lady.


Soapland (brothel) is called the king of the sex entertainments in Japan.
It is incall service and you must go to the specific location. The Soapland(brothel) is a very unique and exotic place and this kind of shop is only available in Japan.

Girls there are from 20 to 35 years old. At Soapland(brothel) a girl needs to learn some techniques for plays, so there will be a tendency of girls are little bit higher age than escort service.
At the high class Soaplands(brothel) , you can meet very beautiful and sexy girls. Soapland is a very unique system and you can experience this only in Japan.

On session, you will be invited into a specific room in which is facilized with a bathroom and the play space. You will do just what a lady will guide you. It’s fun and very exotic.

The price of Soapland also depends on the type you choose from. The high class Soaplands cost around 80,000~100,000 Yen and the average Soaplands cost 30,000 60,000 Yen.

The session time will be 60 minutes. for the average Soapland, and 90~120 minutes for the high class Soapland.

At Soapland(Brothel) You have to go to the nearby station to be picked up. If you are not familiar with a street in Japan, it may be troublesome. But there is usually a pickup service available by the house, so all you have to do is to go to the nearby station and find a vehicle. The details of the vehicle will be informed by the house.