Tokyo Yoshiwara Soapland Brothel

Tokyo yoshiwara has many soapland brothels. High class soaplands, middle class soaplands or budget soaplands to choose from at Yoshiwara, Tokyo. Unfortunately, most of soaplands brothels do not welcome foreign customers because of language barrier for communication with a foreign customer, afraid of any sexual diseases, bigger size or rough plays. But some of soaplands in Yoshiwara, Tokyo accept foreign customers with a Japanese accompany or Japanese speaking foreigners.


Soaplands are not cheap in general. It needs the entrance fee as well as the play fee. In most case a website of soapland shows only the entrance fee, but you have to keep in mind that you need to pay the play fee as well in advance.


But with slow demands of the business, less expensive soaplands are increasing these days.  Below are some of Tokyo soaplands that are Gaijin friendly and will be added more later.




Tokyo Yoshiwara Soapland Brothel

darling harbor       03-3871-5522


prima donna      03-3876-6677


king’s club        03-5603-0771


ailedore            03-6802-3477


satin doll           03-5603-7855



silky doll         03-3871-4779


ascot             03-3874-7770


club naniwa       03-3875-1925


petit royal        03-3874-6699


landmark          03-3875-3094


don juan           03-3207-3717


barubola           03-3205-0011


aun                 03-3875-4555


martini           03-3875-6215


broadway          03-6796-7778


oushitu            03-3875-1198


loveboat           03-3873-3939


jyotei               03-3872-6218


johooh               03-3871-6400


Aladdin              03-5808-5678


Roberta              03-3872-4919


ariel                 03-5603-1580


la queen             03-5824-9532


club-amour          03-5603-1741


miuraya             03-3871-4384


kadoebi             03-3872-2211


tokubetushitu       03-3871-1212


precious             03-6802-3446


soleil                 03-3876-9833


tiara                03-3876-8668


emblem  club       03-3876-0366


geihinkan            03-3871-5654


byakuya              03-3874-6598


ousama               03-3871-7331


ailedore              03-6802-3477


excellent club       03-3874-3116


eria                 03-3875-3522


emerald               03-3871-1120




Yoshiwara Soapland in Tokyo

There are 3 types of Soapland, lower class, medium class and high class are available at Yoshiwara.

The lower class costs around 15,000~20,000 Yen in total for 60 minutes, the medium class for around 30,000 ~ 50,000 Yen in total for 60 minutes and the high class for around 70,000~100,000 Yen in total for 120 minutes.

Off course the higher you pay for, the prettier you will get.



How to proceed

1. contact to the house where your favorite girl works for and request them whether she will be available on your convenient time and day.

2. They check her schedules and give you information on her availability
You acknowledge it and request for the reservation.

3. You will go to the nearby station and find a vehicle of the house.

4. They pick you up and take you to the house.

5. You will be guided to the front desk where you pay for the entrance fee.

6. After paying the fee, you will be guided to the waiting room until she comes.

7. A girl will show up and take you to her room. You take off the clothes and the session starts.

Play type

Washing, mat play, handjob, blowjob, sumata




At Soapland, you have to pay twice, one for the entrance fee and the other for the play fee. The entrance fee to the front desk and the play fee to the girl.

AT the website of Soapland, often only entrance fee is shown, so don’t get mixed up.





The lower and medium class for 60 minutes and the higher class for 120 minutes.



Pro and Con


A room of Soapland is facilitated with bath, mattress, play goods, so there are lots of plays you can enjoy with.

No need to pay a transportation fee.



You have to go to he nearby station to be picked up or get a taxi for the destination. If you are not familiar with streets in Tokyo, it may be troublesome.

The house will be closed at 12:00 pm.