Tokyo Sugar Daddy

Tokyo Sugar Daddy Dating

Tokyo sugar daddy dating is getting very popular among young Japanese girls these days in Japan. Sugar baby will have a date with sugar daddy in Tokyo, Japan for a dinner date, shopping or going to a bar, or taking a trip.

In Tokyo there are many sugar daddy dating clubs, Ginza, Shibuya, Aoyama, or Roppongi and sugar babys are young, pretty, stylish, intelligent and friendly, and most of them are office worker, secretary, model, student or shop worker who likes to earn extra money for their better life.

In order to become a member for Tokyo sugar daddy dating club, it requires membership registration in advance, so that they can check up who you are. Only after you become member of the club, you are allowed to see the profiles of Tokyo sugar baby.






Tokyo Sugar Daddy Dating services

How it works

In order to use a service of Dating club, you must apply for membership first by filling out the membership application form.

Once they receive your application, they will set up an interview with you. They will explain the system and the fee as well as ladies member and ask you several questions. You can also ask questions on the membership or quality of the ladies.





Once you agree and they accept you as a member,then you have to submit your ID and some company may ask you for submitting your annual income statement.




Service Fee

Once you are accepted,you must pay the membership fee as well as the introduction fee. The amount of the those fees differ from each company depending on the level of ladies.

Some companies charge 1,000,000 Yen for the membership fee and 100,000 Yen for the introduction fee, others are 100,000 Yen for the membership fee and 30,000 Yen for the introduction fee.

So the fees depend on each dating club

Off course higher you pay for, better quality ( appearance,style and intelligence ) you will get.

In addition to the above fees, you need to pay dating fee for her.




How to date

You will receive the login info for the site to be able to see details of ladies. Once you find a lady whom you like to have a date, you contact to the company for a dating request with lady’s number, dating date and time and the meeting location.

Usually the meeting location will be at the lounge or lobby of hotel.

They will contact the lady and if she will be available, they will contact to you for the dating arrangement.

After you meet her, it’s totally up to both of you. After all, here are two mature persons who will be able decide what to do.






Tokyo Sugar Daddy Clubs


Universe Club

member of ladies



Versailles club

member of ladies





Club serenade

member of ladies




Aoyama platinum

member of ladies




Tokyo President club

member of ladies

New member




Grace Club

member of ladies




Fabulous Tokyo

member of ladies





member of ladies




Tokyo Kousai Club

member of ladies




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