Tokyo cosplay escorts

Tokyo cosplay escorts are very popular among foreigners and cosplay escorts in Tokyo include School uniform cosplay, Teacher style cosplay, Nurse uniform cosplay and many other cosplay escorts in Japan.

Tokyo Japanese Cosplay escorts are very exotic, and it has Japan original style which attracts Gaijin for uniqueness of cosplay escorts.





Samples of Cosplay

Listed here are uniform of  Tokyo cosplay escorts. There are many different uniformed cosplay escorts.


Sexy Cosplayer Videos

Some videos of Tokyo cosplayers


Sexy Cosplayer Photos



Cosplay escort

There are many cosplay escorts available in Tokyo, Japan. Student uniform, teacher uniform and many other Tokyo cosplay escorts are very popular among foreigners. 


Seifuku Tengoku – Amateur girls cosplay escort in Tokyo


Tokyo Deriheru Annai – Nurse Uniform Cosplay escort service in Tokyo


Tokyo Love Machine Kabukicho – Shinjuku Cosplay escorts in Tokyo


Shinbashi Love Story – Cosplay escort in Shinbashi Tokyo


Atrium Akiwabara – Maid Cosplay Escort service in Tokyo


Uguisudani Clinic – Nurse Cosplay escort in Tokyo


JK style – School uniform cosplay escort in Shinjuku Tokyo


OL Style – Office girl uniform cosplay escort in Shibuya Tokyo


Shibuya Delivery School – Teacher uniform cosplay for escort service in Tokyo


Club Gorgeous – Osaka Cosplay escort


Chijokyubin – Cosplay escort in Shinagawa Tokyo


PureSele Young escort with cosplay style in Tokyo


Mirumiru young Hands job cosplay escort in Shinbashi, Tokyo


Erouto style Young cosplay escort in Shinjuku


Purecos                Tokyo Ikebukuro cosplay escort


Pickless                Tokyo extreme cosplay escort


Cosplay street      Tokyo Shinjuku Cosplay escort




Tokyo foreigner friendly exotic escorts

There are many Japanese original exotic escorts in Tokyo.  Just check them out.


Exotic & Unique Escort in Shinjuku


Exotic & Unique Escort in Ikebukuro


Exotic & Unique Escort in Ginza


Exotic & Unique Escort in Shibuya