How to be hot and popular with Japanese Fuzokujo (escorts) ?

Get hot with a Japanese escort

You are interested in Japanese fuzoku ( escort ), but lots of Japanese fuzoku do not welcome Gaijin customers. So how to be welcomed ?  Before that, here are some suggestions that you should observe.

1. Do not ask full intercourse, which is illegal in Japan.
2. Be neat, no odor, take a shower and brush your mouth before an escort comes.
3. Do not negotiate the prices. Japanese do not like to negotiate the fixed prices.




Here we explain how you should behave on Japanese fuzokujo (escort)

Avoid to ask so many questions, particularly her personal topics such as where she lives, what is your name, what you do on day off, why she work this kind of job, do you have a boyfriend and so on. Instead introduce yourself.

I am sure you maybe very nervous and don’t know what to do or what to say to her. So you may ask her many questions, but that’s is not a good way to deal with a Japanese fuzokujo (escort).

Instead talk about yourself. Who you are, what kind of job you have in Japan or your country, your favorite Japanese pop songs or singers, your favorite Japanese dishes, or how you are interested in the Japanese fuzoku (escort) and so on.

In this way she feel more relaxed and the conversation will go more smoothly because she can answer those topics more easily.

Talking about your goofs or funny stories could be another way to make conversation very smooth. Women always love funny stories whether she is a Japanese or girl in another country.


More will come.

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