Relaxation Massage in Yokohama

Tired of hard working or feel strong stress on your back or shoulder ? Or want to get relaxed with spa while staying in Tokyo? For a fluent business traveler to Japan, you may need a jet lag cure treatment right after arriving in Tokyo. Why not get massage for relaxation to release your stress and tension.

Yokohama relaxation salon serves in relax massage in Yokohama.Read more…

Nagomi An


12:00 ~ 04:00

Nagomi An serves mobile relaxation massage in Yokohama  Read more…



17:00 ~ 05:00

Precious offers relax massage with hands of very beautiful Japanese therapists in Yokohama  Read more…

Yokohama Sirius


12:00 ~ 05:00

Sirius serves nation wide aromatherapy massage service  Read more…

Yokohama refle


18:00 ~ 05:00

Yokohama refle provides service of relax massage in Kawasaki and Yokohama  Read more…